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Salaries and benefits

Work environment
Rest time: summer: 8:00AM-11:30AM 13:30PM-17:30PM winter:8:00AM-11:30AM 13:00PM-17:00PM
The statutory holidays follow the relevant provisions of the state.
The rest time of the production department follow the production department will be arrange in addition.
Aspects of life
The clothes: company formal staff According to its corresponding level positions corresponding to the uniform dispensing
The food: The company's comprehensive office building the first floor on the north side of canteen workers, High quality and inexpensive, staff can make dinner together, staff enjoy the meal allowance.
The reside: The company provided free accommodation, each dormitory with a wardrobe, furniture and air conditioning etc, company employees work with couples can with a marriage certificate enjoy housing subsidies. 
Travel: company car shuttle employees to work from Quanzhou everyday, if need to go out to work, according to company regulations can  fill “car application”, after the approval of the Department after approval on vehicle, in accordance with the actual situation
arrangements go out. (if you need to go out, in front of the company can fly to Quanzhou to Xia Mei Town direction 46 road cars.
Extracurricular activities
In the comprehensive office building on the third floor, it has a worker club, pingpong table、billiards、Cara Ok etc.
Welfare benefit
1、company monthly wages on time, never in arrears, at the same time in the recruitment process, do not receive any training costs、bail、deposit etc, never withhold the employee ID.
2、ersonnel salary according to daily wage calculation, night overtime pay extra. If you work for a full year after the evaluation of outstanding person can enjoy 13 months salary
3、workers enjoy full attendance wages treatment.
4、company in accordance with the law for their employees for pension insurance、unemployment insurance、medical insurance、work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance.
5、set up a company union, party branch, encouraging progress youth to join the party, participated in various group activities.
6、the company every major holiday, organized large-scale cultural and sports activities, and a variety of sports competition, so as to enrich life amateur staff.
7、the production staff will be depending on their positions from the company to work clothes and necessary labor supplies.
8、the company held long-term technical training and business related knowledge training, continuing education opportunities more. 
9、company competition mechanism perfect, technology, management personnel mainly from the basic level choose, for each talented staff  to provide a fair, fair chance of promotion.
10、for married employees married congratulations on gold, lineal relatives death employee pension.
11、company employees and the Spring Festival holiday returned to work but claims reimbursement for a return ticket (the company outside the resident County Personnel).
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